Vestek manages the Smart Home product concept with 2 sub sections.

On the first section; Vestek worked collaboratively with Vestel White Goods Factory R&D, in order to develop Android and iOS applications and server system softwares to monitor white goods remotely.

First generation software focused on remote access and control of white goods. On the second generation, interconnected smart usage scenarios with sophisticated systems are aimed to build.

These solutions are also used on Sharp White Goods product section.

On the second section; Vestek worked collaboratively with Vestel Electronics R&D STB (Set-Top Box) software department, in order to develop an in-house sensor network with Z-Wave and ZigBee support. This network is designed with the intention to be monitored and controlled remotely. Additionally, Electric Car Charge Stations, Smart Mirror, Voice Control and Reachability subjects are in the development pipeline.