The Hospital TV system offers the best hospitality features to the patient rooms; focusing on entertainment, convenience and competence points. Our solution aims to increase hospital perception and meet the expected criteria for patients of all segments.

Now your guests are outside of watching TV channels; They can view patient information, dietary information, drug information, check-in information, analysis and radiology information, listen to music, or watch movies stored on USB devices.

Thanks to our Medical TV VoD service; Your patients can watch various videos that are customized according to the hospitalization section.

The features that hospital TV provides to our valued customers include:

1. HBYS Integration (Hospital Information Management System)
2. Content distribution (Digital TV, VoD, mode, etc.)
3. Unlimited number of interactive service add-ons (flight information, weather, etc. RSS-based service)
4. The “Medical TV VoD ” service, which contains content specific to the hospital scenario
5. Service screens such as “My Treatment”, “Home Care”, “My Requests” and many more

The hotel was adapted from TV and started from a scratch-designed hospital TV system specific to the sectoral scenario; It has begun to meet the needs of private and public hospitals. Turkey’s first operating city hospital, Mersin City Hospital with 1300 beds capacity, now uses IP-based hospital TV solution made by Vestek. Another example of this solution has been activated with specific customer specific scenarios for Memorial Hospital from renowned private hospitals.

In order for the patient to feel at home; it is now possible that you can provide feedback with service surveys, get access to dietary and pharmaceutical information in treatment processes, and make the hospital experience flawless in many ways.