The Coaxial RF Hotel TV has a special place within Vestel Hospitality TV solutions, especially with its cost effective nature.

Vestel and Vestek uses the DVB-IP gateway based IPTV infrastructure to convert TV broadcasts to IP within Vestel Hotel TV system. As customer trends evolve, Vestek wanted to remove the gateway hardware requirement and the IPTV-compatible cabling process. All with internal efforts; a low-cost Hospitality TV solution is born to operate through a coaxial-based RF (Radio Frequency) cable stream.

Thanks to this project;

  • PMS (Property Management System) and HBYS (Hospital Information Management System) integration
  • Compatibility of both Hotel TV and Hospital TV solutions
  • Customer-specific “Welcome” Screen
  • Smart channel lists
  • Information screens (Weather, Exchange Rates, News etc.)

    Now it is possible to meet the expectations of Hospitality customers by realizing many of the features that our customers frequently prefer, without the high cost need via the network infrastructure of IP networks.

Coaxial HotelTV Architecture

Coaxial HotelTV is an affordable solution for displaying hotel information. Once the desired information is created, it can be streamed to all TVs. It helps hoteliers to leave great impression upon their guests by giving high quality and dedicated service which help to strengthen and enhance your hospitality needs. Hoteliers will enjoy efficient installation via USB cloning and dedicated hospitality features including smart channel listing, welcome screen and many more. It is designed for low power consumption delivering big and bright images at low installation cost.

Remote Management System

Interactive HotelTV system provides a dynamic and essential service management tool
for the hotel personnel via administration console.