Welcome to Vestel Videowall; where multiple displays are connected to each other using the Daisy-Chaining method with multiple combinations, to deliver high-quality video footage for our users, at the same time on multiple screens!

The image to be displayed on Videowall is entered through the input channel, after the input division and scaling process is done via the control unit and individual images are sent to each channel respectively.

With Vestek’s Videowall Control System project; an innovative project is being produced that can carry out monitoring in operations individually, by grouping or by controlling all of the screens that make up Videowall without the control unit hardware required, via using only one PC software,.

General features:

  • Connecting multiple displays via DP or HDMI with Daisy-Chaining and creating Videowall
  • Slim and Extra Slim bezel screen types
  • Wide viewing angles with IPS screen types
  • Anti-glare matt displays with high nit value (700 nits) brightness
  • White color calibration via a mobile application or a custom designed calibrator device
  • Display positioning support from 1×1 to 10×10
  • Landscape (horizontal) Videowall display positioning  with “Wall-mount” apparatus
  • Videowall Control System application allows the Videowall screens to be separately synchronized with the instantaneous adjustments thanks to advanced algorithms
  • Thanks to the Control System application developed in accordance with the “Daisy-Chain” communication protocol; access and control all videowall screens via a screen that creates videowall is now possible
  • Smooth content display solution to Videowalls created by positioning screens of different sizes and resolutions in different locations and angles