With the increasing popularity of connectivity driven Smart TV’s, Vestek developed Android and iOS based Smart TV
applications that utilizes smartphones and tablets.

Vestek’s mobile applications are adapted to 25 or more brands besides Vestel with their continous updates for a better
user experience. Our applications are downloaded by more than 5 Million users worldwide.

To increase our reachability endeavors, a TV remote controller application are made for visually impaired people.

Under the mobile software development scope of our work; Vestek took a significant role to create VENUS smartphone
exclusive mobile applications. Additional examples can be our data analytics software, “application store” formatted
Vmarket for VENUS smartphones and many more.

Vestel Mobile Assistant works to assist each Vestel customer to reach info about Vestel products, locate nearby Vestel
stores and authorized services, get live support from live support specialists; and made by Vestek.

The camera application is made for the first time exclusively for VENUS smartphones and integrated on the Android OS
of the smartphone. This application is used on all VENUS smartphones of 2017 and is under further development by
Vestel R&D.

Vestek and Zorlu Textile Group developed TAÇ Design Yourself mobile application collaboratively; in order to let customer
design their own custom linens, curtains and many other home textile products. This application can be viewed as an
important corporate synergy example.